Below is a list of species that can be found at Stych Brook & Gallows Bank Millennium Green with common names on the left and Latin names on the right. For some of the species listed we have provided photographs for identification. Take a walk through the green and see what species you can spot, maybe you will spot something that we have not listed ?, in either case, why not report back to our Bulletin Board and tell us about it, you can even submit your own photographs for all to see.

Cepaea hortensis *
Rhagonycha fulva *
Aglais urticae *
Aphantopus hyperantus *
Maniola jurtina *
Thymelicus sylvestris *
Zygaena filipendulae *
Bombus lapidaries *
Passer domesticus *
Sylvia borin *
Troglodytes Troglodytes *
Turdus merula *

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