Below is a list of species that can be found at Stych Brook & Gallows Bank Millennium Green with common names on the left and Latin names in alphabetical order on the right. For some of the species listed we have provided photographs for identification. Take a walk through the green and see what species you can spot, maybe you will spot something that we have not listed ?, in either case, why not report back to our Bulletin Board and tell us about it, you can even submit your own photographs for all to see.

Acer campestre *
Achillea millefolium *
Common Bent
Agrostis capillaris
Creeping Bent    
Agrostis stolonifera
Meadow Foxtail            
Alopecurus pratensis
Barren Broom          
Anisantha sterilis
Sweet Vernal Grass          
Anthoxanthum odoratum *
Cow Parsley                
Anthriscus sylvestris *
False Oat-grass        
Arrhenatherum elatius *
Bellis perennis *
Hedge Bindweed          
Calystegia sepium *
Capsella bursa-pastoris
Hairy sedge            
Carex hirta
Common Knapweed      
Centaurea nigra *
Common Centaury          
Centaurium erythraea *
Cerastium fontanum *
Creeping Thistle              
Cirsium arvense *
Spear Thistle            
Cirsium vulgare *
Cornus sanguinea *
Corylus avellana *
Crataegus monogyna *

The above image has been cropped & re-scaled, original images (c) Floralimages / John Crellin

Smooth Hawk's-beard      
Crepis capillaries

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