Welcome to Gallows-Bank.org.uk, this site is all about the Gallows Bank & Stych Brook Millennium Green, an open area of grassland at the south eastern edge of the historic market town of Ludlow, Shropshire. The site is home to a wide variety of flora & fauna and constitutes an invaluable source of informal recreation for the local residents, the site has also been identified as an area of considerable local conservation interest by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Historically, and as it’s name suggests ‘Gallows’ Bank was originally the site of the Ludlow gallows, situated at the top of the bank in a prominent position overlooking the town.  

At the top corner of the bank, stood until recently a black poplar tree, from which it is believed that convicted and condemned persons were hung. From 1627, local courts were given the right by King Charles 1st to judge offenders and where required by law, to sentence them to death, often for offenses which we would regard as minor nowadays. The accused might escape the death penalty by claiming 'benefit of clergy' (being able to read), but often the uneducated were not so lucky. Crowds would have gathered to see the condemned make their final walk through the town and up the hill, where they would be stood beneath the tree facing the crowd. Many would be there to watch the spectacle. There would be armed guards and also vendors taking the opportunity to sell their wares. Family, friends and neighbours would no doubt be there as well to see them off. What might they have felt as they faced the crowd and looked beyond to the town and the country where they had lived, knowing that this was their last view of the world?

Gallows Bank became a millennium green in 1999, Ludlow is the only town with two millennium greens. The green is primarily looked after by the Gallows Bank and Stych Brook Millennium Trust, made up of a group of local residents, the trust has taken on the responsibility for maintaining the area, and for providing and implementing improvements for the enjoyment of local residents & visitors. The trust also manages the site for wildlife conservation with advice from the 'Shropshire Hills Countryside Agency'. New ideas for improving the green are very welcome, if you would like to make a contribution or would like to join the trust then please contact them here.

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